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Ticket Information


Buying tickets for events in the Entertainment District in advance makes the whole process getting to the show a whole lot easier. Special entrances. Expedited lines. No fumbling with cash. You get the picture! Buying tickets is easy and several delivery options are available. So next time your coming down to see a show, take a minute to get your tickets online. You'll be glad you did!

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Ticket Types

General Admission Tickets

General Admission Tickets will require ticket holders to wait in the main entry line with box office ticket purchasers. You may need a valid picture ID to verify your tickets and gain entry. So make sure to have ID with you. Attendees must meet the listed age requirement for each event.

Fast Pass/VIP Admission Tickets

Fast Pass Tickets are available for select events and entitle you entry through a special VIP no-wait entrance. Same rules apply for Fast Pass entry. Valid ID may be required and attendees must meet the listed age requirement for each event.

Reserved Seating Tickets

Reserved Seating Tickets are also available for select events. Events with this option will have seating options displayed on ticketing pages. In these cases, ticket buyers will be able to choose seating from best seats available. Events like New Year's Eve in the Entertainment District and some smaller room shows will offer this option. Valid ID may be required and attendees must meet the listed age requirement for each event.

Ticket Refunds and Cancellations:

Ticket refund requests must be initiated one hour before the posted show times, otherwise no refunds will be granted for online ticket purchases. All refunds will be administered by The Entertainment District or it's agents. Please allow 5 business days for refunded monies to be returned to the originating account. For further questions regarding our refund policy please call us at (269)312-7246 or email us at

Entertainment District Dress/Conduct Code

For the benefit of all Entertainment District customers
  • No Athletic Pants, including jogging pants, velour pants, running pants, or sweatpants.
  • No Cut off t-shirts or tank tops past 9pm.
  • No Athletic Jerseys or Mesh Jerseys (unless home team is playing inside).
  • No flat bill baseball or stocking hats. Other hats at management discretion.
  • No jeans with graphic art.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist level.
  • No T-Shirts with vulgar or offensive language.
  • No Soiled or torn clothing.
  • No excessively baggy clothing or coats.
  • No backpacks.
  • No bandanas or headrags.
  • No chains, pendants, or sunglasses.
  • No loud or abusive language.
  • No overly intoxicated individuals will be allowed to enter, but if need be, a cab can be arranged.
  • Dress code is left up to management discretion, if there are any questions then please ask.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry or re-entry to anyone at anytime.

This is a private establishment, management and it's workers have the right to refuse service and entry to anyone at anytime, for any reason when deemed necessary.